OpenSpan RPA

General Description

OpenSpan RPA is a privately held software by Pega systems which empowers the world's leading organizations by its robotics process automation software for customer care representatives. As we all know through our personal experience that routine desktop jobs degrade employee satisfaction, unless and until employees feel themselves deploying their contribution in enhancing the organizational productivity. OpenSpan frees representatives to concentrate their energy on analyzing their experiences with customers and designing strategies for delivering exceptional services while lowering operational costs. As customer experience continues to rise on top of every business agenda, CSRs on the front lines are forced to navigate through desktop applications while they try to engage with customers.

Duration: 22 Hours | Fees: $1200


Must have completed the RPA developer course.No technical background required. A modernwindows computer with Internet connection.Basic job experience at a small, medium, or large company.Be familiar with the roles that MSExcel spreadsheets, MS Word, websites, and software applications fill in daily business life.

PEGA (Open Span)

  • Working with Activities and Active MDI Windows
  • Working with Interaction Framework
  • Deploying OpenSpan Solutions
  • Using Configuration Project Items
  • Using OpenSpan Management Console
  • Building Project Files